Trying to see through firstmom eyes

Mom and firstmom Jenna Hatfield has become quite famous in Adoption World. As she heals her grief over the relinquishment of her daughter three years ago, she has become a beacon of guidance and light for others.

I am particularly drawn to her because she is also healing — by gently but firmly educating both sides — the schism that can exist between adoptive parents and first parents.

Catch some of Jenna’s story on this AP report printed around the country last Fall: And her blogs can be found at Birthparents Blog and Chronicles of Munchkin Land.

I encourage everyone who is hoping to adopt to search out the stories of people who have relinquished. Jenna’s is a good choice for her honesty, her commitment to her own healing, and her ab-fab style of writing.

She has other firstparent blogs listed on hers…if you are hoping to adopt, find one that resonates with you. It will help you better understand the people with whom you will forever be connected through a child.

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