Chain Link Blogging Week

How connected are we? How extensive is the reach of our blogs and readers? How exactly are we linked and webbed together?

I’ve been thinking about this lately, how few degrees of separation there could be between each of us and the rest of us. So I propose an experiment.

This post officially kicks off Chain Link Blogging week. Here’s the deal:

  1. Start from your own blogroll and pick a blog to visit (if you don’t have a blog, pick one from my blogroll on the lower right sidebar).
  2. From that blog (“Blog A”), read a post or two and leave a comment or two. (Lurkers — time to de-lurk! Get a free google account and post as Anonymous if you have to, or just Jane Doe.)
  3. Click on a blog from Blog A’s blogroll.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve visited and commented on 5 blogs.
  5. Write a post on your own blog about your Chain Link Blogging anytime before October 5.
  6. Comment here with the most noteworthy post you find, along with its URL.

I’ll summarize all our discoveries on October 6 in a post that contains the links you leave in your comments here.

Every good blog movement needs an emblem. You can copy and paste the image and link above. Email me at bestlightlori (at) gmail (dot) com and I’d be happy to send you the code.

Spread the word! Let’s see what gems we discover.

Now, go forth and chain link.

9 thoughts on “Chain Link Blogging Week”

  1. Slow Friday here at work (gasp), so I’ve done my five already. My favorite comes from the hilarious < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Baggage and Bug<>.

  2. I lost my Blogroll in a format shift :-( but I do have a Blog reader…so I’ll add that as link to my site. Interesting idea!

  3. I went way off my usual beaten path to find these gems. (No, you don’t have to go into this much detail. Since I’m the hostess, I thought I should go for the mostest.)1. I started with Forever Parents (, on a post about 9/11 and being there That Day, and a memorial for a mom 6 years later.2. I next stopped at A Flyover Blog ( for an entry about Gilda Radner (love her) and her admiration for dogs.3. There I chose Dane Bramage because I liked the title ( for a post on Tom Tancredo and telemarketing from prominent Republicans.4. Next was Bobo Blogger ( for her entry on the song Elvira and the memories it evokes for her.5. Finally, Quid Nunc (, regarding a family mystery, and all the questions that come when finding an old, OLD black and white photograph.

  4. I have thought the same thing. I wondered if we could reach all the IF blogs that way. Given how my beta is Oct 4th and I have been limiting my IF blog time in order to stay somewhat more peaceful, I may not get to it, but it is my hope that I will.

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