Mediocrity? Or even incompetence?

Niobe has a fascinating meme. I am particularly grateful for this because I have (1) nothing interesting to write about; and (2) no concentrated time to sit down and work out a well-thought out post that shows what a Deep Thinker I am.

Today I settle for shallow and fun.

Here is my meme album cover:

Want to activate your own inner recording artist?

1. Click on this link. The title of the page is the name of your band.

2. Click on this link. The last four words of the final quotation on the page are the title of your album.

3. Click on this link. The third picture is your album cover.

4. Take the pic (I used Microsoft Paint), add your band name and album title and voilĂ !

5. If you post this on your blog, leave your permalink in the comments here and on Niobe’s blog.

OK. Deeper thoughts are coming.

My random band name (“Chatyr-Dag”) is Ukrainian for Tent Mountain, a place fertile with juniper groves and yew glades. I like gin and tonics, and gin is made from juniper berries. And I live near mountains.

My random album cover (“Lovely Luna”) comes the day after a full moon (please ignore the fact that we are never very far from a phase of the moon).

And my random album title (and post title) describes well the merits of this post.

Randomness or synchronicity? You decide.

And then make your own.