Inquiring minds (well, mine anyway)

Indulge me. I am a chronic wonderer.

I find myself speculating about the blogging process for each of you. For each of the questions below, I am talking tendencies and not absolutes.

Please see the four polls on the right sidebar, and elaborate below. Vote early and often (4 times, anyway).

1. What, if any, is the relationship between the amount of energy (time and effort) you put into a post and the response to it? By response, I mean both reads and comments.

2. Are you a net GIVER of comments or a net GETTER of comments?

3. Did you journal before blogging?

4. Do you tend to write your post’s title before or after you write the actual post?

Explain and discuss. I want to know.

25 thoughts on “Inquiring minds (well, mine anyway)”

  1. Hi, Lori! Thanks for commenting on my blog!1. I haven’t figured out what makes people comment…so I’m not sure. I write my posts for me (and my daughter), but I love commenters.2. I am a net giver. I comment on way too many blogs sometimes. 😉 According to my stats, a lot of people are reading, but only a fraction comment…and that’s okay.3. I actually did NaBloPoMo on the journal I kept all through high school and college. You can check it out on my blog, if you’re interested.4. Sometimes the title comes first, and sometimes it’s a product of my writing. Every post is an adventure. :)Anyway, thanks for commenting on my site! I’ve added you to my GoogleReader, and I can’t wait to read more of your blog.

  2. 1. I find it really hit and miss. I can’t really predict it. Apparently I’m a moron:-)2. I think I’m a giver – I try to comment on 75% of what I read cuz I know comments matter to me so I want to give back.3. Yea, forever and ever. The thing I struggle with now is I’ve very much kept this an infertility blog, so sometimes, there’s things I really wanna write about, but it’s just so irrelevant to infertility, I get a little lost with what to do with it now.4. I write mine in the first sentence or two cuz I already know where it’s going and the first sentence or two gets the juices flowing.

  3. You’re writing a book! I just came from Beagles…1. No relationship that I can see. Things I thought would garner a huge discussion did not and thing I flipped onto the screen in a moment have gotten a huge response. I tend to see an even balance though–the same level of response across the board and I usually put the same level of energy into each post.2. I probably even out there too. I write a lot of comments, though I read many more blog posts daily than I write comments for. 3. Yes–tons of journals.4. Usually after the first paragraph I’ll get a sense where the post is going and write the title. Every once in a while, I get the title before I write the post. Every once in a while I’m still struggling with the title after I finish the post.

  4. 1. I find that my flip and off-the-cuff posts tend to generate the most response, and that the posts that require research, much thought, and a bit of my heart sometimes go lonely.2. I am probably a net giver. I do enjoy commenting.3. I have kept a journal since my 17th birthday. Every night. I can count the exceptions on one hand.4. I often don’t know what the post is about until it’s written, so for me, the post comes first.

  5. 1. There are days when I’m truly inspired and can bang out a really thoughtful post in less than an hour, but it usually takes me several hours.2) I am even steven. I subscribe to the theory that you the love you take should be equal to the love you make.3) I’ve been journaling on and off since I was 12. Blogging has replaced my journal work.4) I usually have a title percolating while I’m writing the post, but settle on it after I’m through composing. Great questions! Are you writing a book? Very cool…P.S. Yes! Let’s visit in July. What are your dates? I have some travel likely then and want to plan around it.

  6. 1. My most-laboured-over posts have usually generated a lot of comments. But there’s always a throwaway or two that surprises me! 2. I’m probably a net getter, although I’m trying hard to even things out. Just wish there were more hours in the day sometimes…! 3. I have kept journals on & off since I was 7, although I haven’t been very good about it in recent years. I think posting on Internet bulletin boards (& now blogging) has replaced it for me to some extent. 4. Sometimes I already have a title in mind, but I usually struggle. I have to write headlines in my job too, & I am totally lousy at it. ; )

  7. You know me–totally new to this. I will have to defer my official answers until a few months down the line. I can admit that I’ve journaled for years but not faithfully. And I have learned through the years that I am a much better reader/appreciator of good writing than I’ll ever be a writer myself. But I love to read your stuff. I’ve loved learning what an amazing writer and thinker you are Lori. Thanks for sharing your ‘inquiring mind’ with all of us!MB

  8. 1. I’m with Lori on this one. 2. Giver. I like giving snappy comments. Maybe I’m lazy. Comments take less time than a good post.3. No way, thats a chick thing. :)4. Post first, almost everytime.

  9. 1) I find the posts that just flow out of me tend to get the most comments.2) I think I am pretty even. Lately, I might be tipping to the net-receiver side, but that is probably temporary.3) I only started a journal as a way to deal with the grief after we lost our son. Then it was on and off until we started doing IVF.4) I usually have the idea of what I am going to cover before I start writing so the title usually comes first.

  10. 1. I find that my responses are always hit or miss2. I give more than i get but the ones I get are HIGH quality3. Off and on but never more than two weeks at a time.4. Title first but there are times I will finish something and need to tweak the title.

  11. Oh Lori, please know that I never intended to make anyone (and esp not you) feel bad with my post about the documentary. I wish someone would do a documentary on adoption because I think that moment when you walk out of the courthouse or baby house or whatever has to be the same feeling that washes over someone as they give birth. Your pal, Ms P

  12. 1. I’m really not sure. Some of the off the cuffs do get more commnets than the long ones for me too. 2. Somewhere near break even, maybe slightly more outgoing comments than incoming. I tend to give my commenting energy to those that either seem to need it at the moment and or to those that return the effort.3. Never kept a journal. Was afaid someone would find it and read it. (Yes, blogging is one of my life’s ironies.)4. Usually title first.

  13. This is definitely food for thought..1. I put much more thought into it than response I think. But that is okay it is more for me than anyone else anyways right?!2. I respond to some posts but I read many more than I comment on… I don’t get very many comments on mine either…like I said it is much more for me than anyone else.3. No… I started lots of journals just never kept up on them.4. I always start with the title and go from there!

  14. 1. I feel more attached to some than others, but I definitely end up connected to each post, no matter how small or big. 2. I do see the importance of comments–I enjoy giving support, as well as receiving.3. My first journal came to life when I was in 2nd grade–I wasnt great with keeping pen to paper, but journaling has always been etched in my DNA.4. Title before post.

  15. 1. The posts for which I get a burning thought and write in out in one sitting tend to garner the most response.2. Hm, maybe even? I’m a tad shy about leaving comments, but I’ve been getting better.3. I’ve gone through periods in my life in which I journaled regularly, but not in the last few years.4. Probably 50%-50%.

  16. Thanks, everyone. I’m finding this fascinating!Mel — maybe. I was told I would write a book, by an intuitive. And Beagle’s oracle. :-).PM — these questions have nothing to do with the book, though. I’ll let you know more about my San Fran trip.

  17. 1. I am only starting, so a bit small of a data set on this one. My other blog (mostly an easy way to share photos with family back home on my overseas move) gets very few comments unless I directly fish for them. I would say that my posts on messages boards that I pour over are the only ones I go back (and back and back) to check for responses, so the lack of responses seems amplified.2. I am very shy about leaving comments at this point3. As a kid I did heaps, then it got hard to actually be in the same place as my journal consistently. And then I realized that I write better, faster, and more legibibly when I type!4. Always write the title first, forget about it as I write, then go back and tweak it

  18. What a great series of questions!1. I struggled with writer’s block for a few years — and it was crushing me. I try to just write as a practice almost — and sometimes I’m inspired, sometimes not…I don’t know if I notice a particular response level — but I’m always grateful that people take the time — cause I can often be LOOOONG winded :)2. I think I am nearly even — probably I don’t comment as much as I would like to — I battle with the emotion of it all –and often read and need to mull before I respond, and sometimes I just read. 3. I journaled for years with the exception — strangely — of the last six or so — during the writer’s block period I couldn’t even write about my own life…much of it has had to do with step-parenthood, the intensity of emotion etc.4. Sometimes all the pieces fall together and I just know the title — othertimes…I cobble it together…from one chronic wonderer to another — thank you for the questions!

  19. 1. None that I have been able to tell. I have always been a very fast writer, so I don’t really think about the amount of work. (I will make an exception about the flow-charting. That takes work and research.)2. Giver. For some reason I don’t get many people commenting. ::shrug::3. Never successfully. The blog is a nice way to force me to write every day. Of course, when I was a tech writer, I had no energy to write more after work.4. Except for the book reviews, after the post is written, for the most part.

  20. My elaboration …1. It seems that the more unique/funny/strange the post is, the more comments I get. It’s got nothing to do with how much time/effort – it’s a simple “comment if they got a laugh/cry/reaction out of it”. I could spend hours of research time and write a thesis and it’s not going to get many comments.2. I did say that I was a giver more than a getter, but then when I saw the majority said that, something must of been amiss! How can everyone think they give more than they get? But I do try to give a lot and I know there are plenty of people who’ve I’ve given to who’s never commented back. But I also don’t want someone to comment JUST TO comment. I see “those” people around who comment on everything and their comments seem less sincere in the long run since nothing prompted them to comment, except for the plain fact of wanting to comment.3. I journaled before, but nothing this regularly.4. Usually the post title. I’m not a proof reader, so going back to the title seems like the same thing to me. It’s like filling out a form – top to bottom.

  21. First time visitor, came over from Connections to delurk and post a response.1. I can’t see any real relationship between the post and the responses I get. Most often the posts I really want comments on or need support on don’t get any comments, and the off the cuff about nothing posts get comments. It’s an odd thing I’m still trying to figure out. I think I just don’t have a large readership like some more established bloggers, and because my blog isn’t just about one particular thing. It’s first and foremost just a place to get the meandering thoughts out of my head and send them out into the universe…but it’s also an infertility blog, a knitting blog, a place to keep my family and friends caught up on me, and just an anything blog. Maybe if it was more directed toward one audience it would have a bigger readership…I don’t know.2. Net giver, for sure. I think it’s just because I don’t have a huge fan base, but a few loyal readers. It’s kind of fitting in my life though, because I find I give more than I receive in a lot of facets of my life. I sometimes feel strange commenting on someone’s blog I don’t know, but I’m getting better about that. Most often I just feel I don’t have anything to add to the conversation and don’t want to sound redundant.3. Off and on. I used to keep a journal religiously, but over the past few years that has tapered off. Now blogging is my journaling.4. The post first, definitely. On the one or two occasions I’ve come up with a witty or meaningful title, the post suffered because I was trying to control it and work within the confines of the title. Now I write the post and let it flow where it may and the title usually comes to me before I’m done. Of course there have been a few times that I’ve sat at the computer for 20 minutes after I’m done writing banging my head against the keyboard trying like the dickens to come up with a title. Thanks for the thought-inspiring questions!

  22. 1. It seems my biggest responses have come when I write of really good news, really bad news, or a really crazy war story from work. Really long posts tend not to have many comments.2. A net giver, I’d say.3. My blog seems to have turned into my journal. I journaled every day until I started the blog.4. Mostly after, but occasionally I think of a title that inspires a post.

  23. 1. No relationship that I can figure out.2. More a giver than a getter.3. Various journals on and off and a few other online diaries, but nothing has lasted as long as this except for livejournal.4. Either way, just depends on my mood.

  24. 1. I have no idea why some posts get responses and others don’t.2. Probably pretty much even.3. I haven’t kept a journal since I was in college. (a long, long time ago)4. I have a bunch of draft posts waiting for titles to fit them and a bunch of draft titles waiting for posts to fit them.

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