Putting it out to the Universe

So every couple of weeks (like today) I get a message from Amazon saying,

“We noticed that you were accepted to the Amazon.com Associate Program several weeks ago but have yet to refer a sale.”

Just moments later, I read about Mel’s Wishing Tree, which got me thinking. I’m gonna be straight with you, straight with myself, and make a declaration.

It is my intention to make a living at blogging, at writing. My extroverted sister, Tami, says that blogging is the introvert’s way of being “out there.”

I think she’s right. I love being “out there” with all of you. Some of you I have met. Some of you I follow in my Reader. Some of you I check in on occasionally. Some of you I know nothing about. I see you on my site statistics, but I know only that you keep tuning in to me. And that makes me feel sooooo good. And grateful.

I love the connections. I love the writing and connecting processes.

And in my entire working life, I have never bounded out of bed to get to my “work” space like I do now.

I figure I have this school year to turn my play into pay. I have this burdensome notion that once both my children are in all-day school, I should earn my keep, that I should return to the status of a paid working person. Right now, with blogging, it’s heavy on the “working” (which feels more like playing) but light on the “paid.”

Is it wrong to want to save money for my kids to go to college? To maybe go back myself one day for a PhD? To want to have enough discretionary income to travel once in awhile? And yet, to not want to go back to a corporate or academic soul-stealing machine?

I think not.

Back to the Amazon message. To fund my bloggy habit, I have placed some widgets on my sidebars. Some of them benefit me when you simply click them (such as the BlogHer banner top-right. Please click if you can, each time you visit me.

Some of the widgets benefit me if you click though and buy something. [widgets are now outdated]:

  • IF you are looking for a good book, see the Amazon widget with my mini-reviews on the lower-right sidebar (“Shapers of Me” in pink).
  • IF you are needing yoga equipment or a hotel room, check out my section on the lower-left called “Tessa’s and Reed’s College Funds.”
  • IF you covet any the items Chicklet and I review favorably on All Thumbs, how about going to the All Thumbs Amazon store to make your purchase.

IF you are planning on any of those things anyway, why not click through here or All Thumbs?

Please continue to think of my portals when you are in the market for these items.

I write. I am successful. I have the privilege of writing and blogging for a living. I am worthy of the life I wish to live. I am a writer.

Thank you, readers.

Thank you, Universe.

6 thoughts on “Putting it out to the Universe”

  1. Congratulations on coming over to the “dark side.” My one bit of advice is to join a writers group of women like you. It’s so helpful to get that support.

  2. RIGHT ON GIRL–now you’re talkin’. This is a wonderful post and long overdue.The universe IS going to respond now you know. Be ready!MB

  3. Babe, I have full faith. Full faith. And if you are on the road in May, I hope that you continue walking it even if it takes 6 months longer than you thought.One of the best things that ever happened was having a career change. It has given me the life I wanted to lead in terms of being a parent. I wanted to be home with them and I am. I wanted to earn some money and I am. And I wouldn’t have done it if Josh hadn’t said, “take a chance.”So, I’ll pass his advice onto you. Take a chance. And we will all help to make it happen.

  4. Cheers to you in your honest “open-book” approach to this! I’m not nearly brave enough to come out and admit that, altho I’m not looking to make a living at it, I sure could use some extra cash-flow for my (inconsistent) blogging efforts. Signing up for BlogHerAds (in Nov 07) was step 1, getting a check (still have yet to get my first) will be step 2. It’s a coming tho, I’m gettin close to that min payout amount!All that nonsense to say that I will help you in whatever way my broke ass can. No $ to spend at your stores, but I am a faithful reader & click thru to your sites any time my google reader tells me to!

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