Five course bloggy buffet

A well balanced meal for you, all in one post.

Appetizer: Bridges is collecting 100 words on Love, similar to the 9/11 project that posted last week. Get your centi-lex-amor in by October 2.

Salad: A post that’s worth $350 over at All Thumbs, especially in light of this week’s economic turmoil.

Bread: Andy’s cool What is it? game. Go on over. I don’t have a clue.

Protein: New York Family Matters Conference on October 5, “geared towards the needs of all people who wish to have a family. Egalitarian in nature, three concurrent educational tracks will focus on the needs of couples, singles and the LGBT community. Panels, lectures and small round table discussions will cover topics such as in vitro fertilization, egg freezing, adoption, PCOS, surrogacy, ovum and sperm donation, and much, much more.”

Dessert: For fellow chocolate lovers in Denver.


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