The readers speak again: Life from Scratch book tour 2

First off, THIS IS MY 700th POST.

But what you’re here for today is part 2 of the Life From Scratch book tour. It’s the tour that takes place from the comfort of your own sitting area, so get yourself some coffee or tea and pull up a virtual chair. And while it’s nice to have read the selected book, it’s not required.

See yesterday’s post for background on the virtual book club and to click on links for the first batch of book tourists.

Come along on each stop. EVERYONE is welcome to read and comment on the blogs of the participants below — even if you haven’t read the book.

So begin clicking! Here are today’s contributors to the Life From Scratch book tour. If a post isn’t up yet, try again later in the day.

Tales of Rachel

I Am Not a Handbag

My Preconceived Notion

Here We Go Again

CD 1 Again

Misconceptions about Conception

Turkey in My Oven

Remember to come back tomorrow for links to the last batch of book tourists, and on Saturday for insights from author Melissa Ford.

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