Answer me this

Whoooooo are we? Who who! Who who?

May 19, 2012

We often ponder the question “Who Am I?” But for the first time the larger question was posed to me: If the question were asked by someone from outer space — WHO ARE WE? Who are we humans, we citizens of planet Earth? The conversation was with my Canadian friend Helene Tremblay. Helene has spent […]

Suit yourself

April 28, 2012

Do you feel like: your physical self  is prepared for the activities you ask it to take part in? your mental self is prepared for the tasks you ask it to accomplish? your emotional self is prepared for the life you ask it to lead? I was thinking about this the other day as I […]

Duel: Self-improvement vs self-acceptance

February 13, 2012

Now that 2012 New Years resolutions are either newly adopted habits or roadkill in the rearview, I’ve been thinking about the lengths we go — or should go — to better ourselves. Like many, I am also often faced with small (or large) changes I’d like to make in myself. The small: Shall I color […]

Answer me this #25: How long?

July 30, 2011

Do you ever wonder what percentage of your life is behind you and what percentage of your life is ahead of you? If you were to hazard a guess, what would those percentages be? Does this line of questioning creep you out? Image: Salvatore Vuono /