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Suit yourself

Do you feel like:

  • your physical self  is prepared for the activities you ask it to take part in?
  • your mental self is prepared for the tasks you ask it to accomplish?
  • your emotional self is prepared for the life you ask it to lead?

I was thinking about this the other day as I contemplated how well-suited my body is for, say, yoga, but how poorly suited it is for running a marathon. Or laying bricks. Or rock-climbing or riding motocross or house-painting. It’s not just that I lack the skills, which can be learned, it’s that I lack required physical attributes like cardiovascular endurance, sturdy hands, a low center of gravity, a strong shoulder girdle.

My brain does well at multi-tasking here on the computer (tabs open simultaneously for email, Facebook, Reader and other shiny things, as well as my work). But I’m not sure I would easily adapt to focusing on a classroom of second graders like I did at one time.

I’m quite effective at self-regulating my emotions at my work-at-home job. But I don’t know how I would do, emotionally, if I were thrown back into a highly political environment with lots of drama.

These points beg the question about cause and effect. Do I fit my life or does my life fit me? Do I have a yoga body because I practice yoga, or do I practice yoga because I have a yoga body?

I do not have brick-laying hands. For that and many other reasons I don’t lay bricks. But if I were, for some reason, called to lay bricks (sold into slavery in Egypt, perhaps?) I would probably develop bricklayer’s callouses and bricklayer’s muscles, my body adapting to what was asked of it. If I took up house painting, I would probably develop muscles that would enable me to raise my painting arm above my body for longer than I can now (which isn’t long).

And If I again entered a political environment, would I find ways to keep my adrenal glands from constantly squirting their fight-or-flight juice?

So I ask you a couple of questions.

  • If your answers above questions were Yes, what tips do you have for suiting your expectations for your selves with to abilities you have? How have you done that for your body, brain/mind and spirit?
  • If your answers above were No, what could you do within your power to bring together your expectations and your abilities? To better suit the life you ask your self to lead?

P.S. My husband wants me to take up golf and/or tennis with him. I’m a little scared and I’m trying to figure out why. I don’t see myself as a golfer or tennis player, but maybe that’s just because I’ve never played either game. Which can easily be remedied, right?

This is part of my Answer me this series where I just wonder and invite you to do so with me.

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Duel: Self-Improvement vs Self-Acceptance

Now that New Years resolutions are either newly adopted habits or roadkill in the rearview, I’ve been thinking about the lengths we go — or should go — to better ourselves.

duel or dual

Like many, I am also often faced with small (or large) changes I’d like to make in myself.

  • The small: Shall I color my hair? Whiten my teeth?  Firm up my belly?
  • The more intensive/expensive/invasive –shall I have spider veins on my legs removed?  Some of my girlfriends are talking about having “work done” — shall I  consider that?
  • Shifting from physical traits, should I aim to be a more attentive mom? A better homemaker?

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