Birth parent

Guest post: Moses the Mouse

September 23, 2010

I’m traveling for work (and meeting Quiet Dreams!). Holding my place this week is guest poster* Melissa Nilsen, mom, birthmom and stay-at-home writer. Melissa blogs about open adoption and motherhood at BirthMomGuide. “I am a lucky birthmom. I live in the same state as my nine-year-old birthdaughter and her wonderful family. Her mother and I […]

Open Adoption Examiner Book Tour: LifeGivers

June 15, 2010

Today kicks off the second Open Adoption Examiner Book Tour. Six months ago we explored the adoptee perspective with The Primal Wound; now we examine the first parent view with James L. Gritter’s 2000 book, Life Givers. I’ll start by quoting myself from several years ago: When we first brought Tessa home, my grandma was […]

And now there are four

May 12, 2010

Even though I’ve been a mom now for ten Mother’s Days, this most recent one brought a first as well as a completion. For the tenth year in a row, Tessa’s first mom called and we wished each other Happy Mother’s Day. For the third year in a row, Tessa’s first dad texted me Happy […]

In print

April 29, 2010

On Facebook a few months back  I cryptically updated about some good news I’d received. But I tend to not believe in the COMING of good luck; I trust only in the ARRIVAL of good luck. So I couldn’t be too specific about what the news was. But yesterday the proof arrived in the mailbox. […]