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Appellation Trail

As you can see, this space has a new look. And a new URL.

And not for the first time. We’ve seen this episode before, and the re-run is just in time for…

Time Warp Tuesday We’re revisiting posts about change for Time Warp Tuesday, the monthly blog hop offered by Kathy at Bereaved and Blessed. Perhaps you’ve written about change before — why don’t you participate in the blog carnival, too?

Kathy says:

The new year is a time for new beginnings and change. Choose a post from your archives in which you wrote about change. Maybe you wrote about a change that you chose to make or one that happened without warning or intention. Then write a new post about why you chose that post and what has happened in your life since.

When I started documenting our infertility journey in 2005, I did a bit of inner wordplay and sought a name that had the sound “blog” in it. I toyed with the word wobble, which morphed to wobblog. to which I then threw ahead of it the word weebles for the moniker Weebles Wobblog. I liked the alliteration, as well as the image of resilience — something that was able to right itself if it were batted around.

All was well and good for three seasons, and then there were complications (<==this is the TimeWarp part of the post) in the form of a Cease & Desist order.


I wobbled but I didn’t fall down. In November of 2010 I retitled this show WriteMindOpenHeart. I explained:

As for the first facet, I just finished a writing project and am about to release it to its destiny, whatever that may be. As for the second, I will continue to open my heart to being vulnerable, authentic and engaged with those around me. The yin and yang theme — finding balance between the head and the heart, the analytical and the intuitive, between the masculine (doing) and the feminine (being) energies, of walking the path of moderation between extremes — the yin and yang theme continues.

I never really fell in love with that incarnation. Turns out that (1) it was too long, and (2) it was tricky to spell and explain verbally.

The aforementioned writing project is what put a timeline on finding yet another new name and moving my content to new digs. Since that first move, the project found an agent and a publisher and then I actually wrote the book. Two years after that post, this most recent Thanksgiving, I spent several days on my final final edit of the manuscript. I decided at that time that the book needed to have my blog’s forever name in it.

So I chose my Appalachian Trail name . I still got the alliteration. I worked in my favorite color and the word light (in Spanish). Yes, I will still need to explain to people that “lavender” is -er and not -ar, and that “luz” is pronounced with a long u. But I feel more kinship with my new name than I did with the last one.

By the way, did you know that to give birth in Spanish is dar a luz — to give light? I love that.


Click over to Time Warp Tuesday to read more posts about change, and maybe even add your own (even if it’s no longer Tuesday).

Five ٥ 5 cinco 五 fünf ★ cinq V

High five, everyone –it’s my blogoversary!

Year-by-year highlights of my blogging and personal lives:

In 2007 I joined the blogging world via a Peggy Orenstein book and the Barren Bi+ches Book Club. My brother-in-law was near death from Guillain-Barre Syndrome and my children were 6 and 4. I had just taken up yoga .Back then we did memes, gave each other lots of awards and left lots of comments.

By 2008 I had run my Chakra series, and survived Tessa’s first surgery. During my second blogging year I spoke at BlogHer, sharing a panel with Melissa and Pamela. My nephews dealt with the unexpected death of their father.

Year 3, which started in 2009 , brought Roger’s accident. On the blogging front I declared myself a writer and I became active on Twitter and Facebook.

In 2010 I got brave enough to undergo (and document) LASIK. Roger’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. At BlogHer10 I was giddy at being named one of Parenting magazine’s Top 10 Must-Read Moms.

In 2011 my children experienced death up close and personal with the passing of their beloved Grandma Marshmallow. In somewhat related news I began eating ayurvedically. I announced that I was going to give birth to a book on open adoption, having signed a contract with a publishing company.

I have spent most of 2012 writing said book. Diverting my wordstream has left less for this blog, for Twitter and other social media. I’ll speak at BlogHer12 at the workshop, My Blog No Longer Fits Me! with some of my dear bloggy friends.

And today I begin my 6th blogging year by asking for presents.

For my birthday, I ask that you tell me about a connection that blogging has brought you. Peggy Orenstein was a conduit for me into the ALI community and to blogging, and therefore to many of you. Is there a blogger who has introduced you to a person or idea, a meme, bloghop, or way of seeing the world that has changed you in a profound and/or positive way? Do share! No gift wrapping necessary.

Here’s some 5 music to accompany your commenting effort.

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