Post script

August 9, 2008

How can 35,000 rabid dedicated Democrats be wrong? Oh, BlogHerand BlogHer voters. I thought you were on the right track for the location of BlogHer09. If Denver is good enough for Michelle Obama, Hillary and Oprah, you’d think it would be good enough for 1500 witty, smart, sassy, awesome blogger chicks. But apparently Denver was […]

The one where Pamela, Melissa, Monica and I pretend we’re on The View

July 31, 2008

Did you miss the panel on Building Bridges between Mommybloggers and Infertility bloggers at BlogHer08? You saved yourself the vacation time, the travel expense, and the pat-down by TSA. As an added bonus, you can see the panel now here. What would you have said if you’d been there?

London, Golden Gate, Brooklyn…and Awareness

July 30, 2008

Was she inspired by the view in San Francisco? Did emceeing the BlogHer08 panel on building bridges strike a chord in her? Could it be that the already creative Mel is stoked about a new project that could have positive and wide-ranging implications? Mel mused about bridges on a recent BlogHer post. And for me, […]

Show & Tell: Switcheroo

July 27, 2008

At Blogher08, Mel and I trade places. She gets to be tall and I get to be mighty. Click to see what others in the class have to show and tell. (photo courtesy Luna).