What was IN that coffee!?

April 16, 2009

It’s important to honor the journey of those on the path of infertility and to occasionally mark the progress and triumphs. It can be sticky to do so, though, because when navigating IF, we move forward at different speeds and on different sub-paths. Still, if I were to put off a Status Check until everybody […]

The latest from the ColoBloggers

January 21, 2009

**UPDATED with new donations!** We ColoBloggers* are angling to bring Melissa Ford to a book signing this summer when The Land of IF is available. We’ve got some of the expenses covered, but we are looking to raise airfare for her and her family to travel to Denver. We hope to raise $1000 ourselves and […]

Sex and the Business Card

June 4, 2008

#1 item on today’s agenda is an open invitation for any lurkers, readers or bloggers who are in the area on Sunday, June 8, to join the ColoBloggers at a showing of Sex and the City. We aim to see the 1:10 show* at Belmar, and will gather at 12:30-ish in front of the theater […]

Uterii, syringes and coffee, oh my!

February 18, 2008

We ColoBloggers had our very first meeting this weekend. We regaled the other patrons at Nordstrom’s Cafe with our animated talk of hoohahooterii, sharps containers and RE chatter. Next time we’ll bring flip charts and maybe a PowerPoint presentation. Here we are, from left to right: Heidi, Nancy, Denise, Meg, K, me, and Duffy. Don’t […]