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Sex and the Business Card

#1 item on today’s agenda is an open invitation for any lurkers, readers or bloggers who are in the area on Sunday, June 8, to join the ColoBloggers at a showing of Sex and the City. We aim to see the 1:10 show* at Belmar, and will gather at 12:30-ish in front of the theater somewhere. Look for these faces if you come.

Afterward we’ll head somewhere close for cosmos in our pink stilettos. High heels and high fashion are optional.

Me, in heels? Not a chance. ‘Tis better to feel good than to look good, I always say. Besides, spiky shoes don’t go well with yoga pants. Do they??

* make sure to check show times closer to Sunday…this is our best guess at the moment.

I’m getting ready for the BlogHer conference next month. While Mel is busy stocking up on Ati.van and Pamela Jeanne is smartly preparing her notes for our panel, I am working on this:

Yes, I’ll be passing out business cards like a fiend. I hope to embarrass Mel and Pamela Jeanne with my blatant blog

But not in stilettos.

Find out what big-ticket item I LOVE. I want to MARRY.

Thursday’s episode of Oprah AllThumbs.

Uterii, syringes and coffee, oh my!

We ColoBloggers had our very first meeting this weekend. We regaled the other patrons at Nordstrom’s Cafe with our animated talk of hoohahooterii, sharps containers and RE chatter. Next time we’ll bring flip charts and maybe a PowerPoint presentation.

Here we are, from left to right: Heidi, Nancy, Denise, Meg, K, me, and Duffy. Don’t we look well caffeinated and well understood?

Each of these amazing women bring an integral piece to the IF mosaic. Each of us will find our own way through the infertility maze. I once dedicated a song to the Barren Bi+ches Book Brigade, and I now want to share it with my fellow ColoBloggers, about the constant craving we share.


That’s the news from the West Side. As for the East Side, we have a very important message for the Order of the Plastic Uterus, especially for Bernardo:


Love always, Riff.