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Cool Idea: through the lens lightly

A friend in real life prompts this latest Cool Ideas by Cool People post.

My friend is Mary Beth, and she blogs at In The Painting of Chaos. She came through the Infertility Tunnel with two adorable sons, courtesy of Dr Alexander of Colorado Reproductive Endocrinology. (Oh, yeah, courtesy of her husband, too.)

Her Cool Project is a year-long commitment to put up a photo of herself (or her family) every day. Titled My Book of Days, it’s Mary Beth’s way of blending her passion for photography with her need to define herself.

I admire Mary Beth’s creativity and fearlessness, and her willingness to face and embrace herself exactly as she is.

I’ve pulled some of my favorites from her 93 shots (so far) this year. Take a gander — you can click on any photo to see her caption, which reveals her thoughts about the image. Like many of us, she is eager for feedback, so click on over and give her some.

So, MB, here is your award. And a plea: will you do my family’s portraits this year? How about next weekend — I’ll have my hair done in anticipation of your affirmative response. I’ll skip the face paint, though :-).

Image from

(I am waiting for someone else to bestow this award on another Cool Idea the world should know about (( hint, hint)). Next time you are looking for a post idea, why don’t you write about a cool person doing a cool thing?)

Cool Idea: make hugs, not war

Joanne of Forever Parents has awarded the latest Cool Ideas by Cool People Award. And this is so clearly cool that even Oprah has taken notice.

Juan Mann (if you ever had any doubts, truly Juan Mann can make a difference) is the cool person behind the Free Hugs campaign. To get a sense for this idea, check this out:

Here you go, Juan. Your free hugs campaign merits you the Cool Ideas by Cool People Award.

Image from

I bet you also know of a cool idea by a cool person. So….you’re tagged. Write about the CI-by-CP and award that person with this emblem. Let your readers know how they can find out more about someone and something cool.

Email me at bestlightlori at gmail to get the icon code. I’ll keep a running list of Cool Ideas by Cool People here.

Now. Go forth and hug.