Perfect Moment Monday: Light of Mine

December 29, 2013

I once said, With awareness, one could have a perfect moment shackled in a dungeon sitting in one’s own excrement; without it, blessings galore cannot compensate. I still believe that. Despite winning the parental jackpot, despite being blessed with amazing sisters who make me laugh and give good counsel, despite being healthy and sheltered and […]

We’ve Added to Our Family

December 14, 2013

You know how you don’t even notice entire sections of the grocery store, or you ignore entire topics of conversation or entire swaths of cultural celebrations? How you can practically not even know where the meat section is if you’re a vegetarian, how you tune out talk about diapers if you don’t have young children, […]

Perfect Moment Monday: The Next Generation

September 29, 2013

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about my sisters once or twice. We kinda like each other. What’s more, we even like our parents. And because we five like being in each others’ company, about once a year we finagle the chance to drag along our husbands and children for The Sake of Family Togetherness. Which […]

No one laughs at God

September 3, 2013

That September morning, a boy awoke excited. He was about to become a teenager. He was the eldest of his generation in the family, and he was thrilled to be the one to break this ground. Just two more days and his life would change. He had no idea. None of us did. It was […]