Show & Tell: Grass Roots

December 7, 2008

Last week for Show & Tell I bragged on my Dad being recognized for grassroots activism, and you indulged me like good friends and classmates do. Dad (Oopiderf) savored each of your comments, as did I. (*Bows head in appreciation .*) Some of you inquired about his speech, and he was only too happy to […]

Show & Tell: Dad’s night

November 30, 2008

Is this Show & Tell Day or Career Day? No matter. Fellow classmates, I bring to you My Dad, the Superhero. No, he’s not a fireman, an astronaut, or a rodeo clown. He’s even more exciting. He’s an economist. Da-da-da-daaaaaaa! Earlier this month, my dad was honored by a Colorado-based think tank for his legacy […]

The election — a giant crap game?

November 4, 2008

Regarding the Federal Reserve, which is not “federal” (it’s NOT a government agency — it’s a privately held corporation and its ownership is a well-guarded secret): “People talk about the issue of Republican vs Democrat… It’s organized crime. You call the Republicans ‘Genoveses’ and the Democrats ‘the Gambinos.’ The people at the top treat it […]

Forget the candidates. Let’s talk core beliefs.

October 8, 2008

The personalities are fleeting but the principles are permanent. Hopefully not semi-permanent. I’m talking about how we organize as a group of 305 million individuals, the grand experiment in self-government that was launched 232 years ago and will hopefully extend through future generations (feels quite shaky now, though, doesn’t it?). So let’s take a break […]