If dollars were seconds, if dollars were inches

September 26, 2008

Can you guess what was going on 700 billion seconds ago? Earth was in the Pleistocene Era. If you traveled 700 billion inches, do you know where you’d end up? Nearly halfway to Venus. I did the math.

Door #3?

September 9, 2008

Not sold on either Obiden or McPalin? Can’t stomach one pair taking away your economic freedom and the other taking away your personal freedoms? There may still be hope in this already remarkable political season. Ron Paul to Hold Major Press Conference Wednesday FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jesse Benton September 8, 2008 ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – […]


July 28, 2008

More of our freedoms evaporated this week (courtesy our servant government, our elected officials who took the oath of office to uphold the Constitution). Did you kiss them? Will you miss them? (Your freedoms, not your congresspeople.) From Freedom Works: Hidden deep in Senator Christopher Dodd’s 630-page Senate housing legislation is a sweeping provision that […]

How I came to be a NAL (the L part)

April 29, 2008

I am part of a very, VERY small group, the New Age Libertarans. My husband jokes that I and my two sisters are the only members of this oxymoronic covey. I think that explaining how this came to be so is worth a post or two. First came the political persuasion. *** When I teach […]