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Fish heads and shaving cream on the funny farm

When Melissa says, “I plan on kicking all your a$$es,” believe her.

Mel got the correct answer (again) for Lori’s Childhood Trivia. Which was……..

……………..Dr Demento!

The Dr Demento radio show syndicated in 1974 and ran 36 more years until just 2 months ago. Here are some of my childhood favorites, as guessed by A and Mel.


The music on this one starts at 2:19. Bizarre-ness precedes it.

You DO know that roly poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino in italian restaurants with [Asian] women, don’t you?


This is the first Dr Demento feature that caught my ear. I thought it sounded so sinful.


In 1976, a teenager named Al made some weird tapes of his creative parodies and sent them to the Dr Demento Show. The mock-songs were so clever and amusing that Dr Demento put them on the air. And thus the talents of Weird Al Yankovic were introduced to generations of listeners. Here are some of my favorites, which creep into the 1980s.

Michael’s Jackson parody: “Eat It”

A little story ’bout a man named Jed: “Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies”

“I lost on Jeopardy, Baby.”

Congrats to Melissa, and thanks  to all for playing Lori’s Childhood Trivia.

Until our next excavation…

Lori’s Childhood Trivia 13.3

We’re in the midst of another memory-scouring round of Lori’s Childhood Trivia. YAY!!! I love that you are all playing along at home.

The rules are easy. Each day there is a new clue about something from my childhood. One guess per person per day and no googling.

By entering a guess, you are eligible to grab the image above and add it to your bloggy bling. Get the code here.

If you win, you get upgraded from Player bling to Winner bling (like Andy‘s).

So, to resume where we left off yesterday, here’s a refresher.

The category is Entertainment.

  • Clue #1 is “discarded anatomy”
  • Clue #2 is “amusing acreage”
  • And the new clue, #3, is “skin care swear”

You can see what’s already been guessed here and here.

Hit me with your best shot.