Lori’s Childhood Trivia

Lori’s Childhood Trivia Round 10

March 4, 2009

It’s time for another rousing round of Lori’s Childhood Trivia! (Cue game show music.) Welcome to the most nostalgic game show in this corner of the Internet! The rules are easy. Each day, I put out a new clue about something from the 1970s. One guess per person per day and no googling. By entering […]


October 29, 2008

Andy wins with her answer of Electric Company. Reviewing the clues: Clue#1: Anita (West Side Story) Rita Moreno Clue #2: Violet (Willy Wonka) Denise Nickerson, who was in the Short Circus Clue #3: Chauffeur (Driving Miss Daisy) Morgan Freeman Clue #4: David (as in Letterman, The Adventures of) Clue #5: Cliff (Huxtable, in The Cosby […]

Balls. Bourbon Balls.

October 28, 2008

(Lori’s Childhood Trivia is below the recipe part of the post.) Emma is hosting a recipe exchange for the holidays. I’m getting my entry in early because, well, when you see how yummy these are, you’re going to want to have a batch on hand from now through, oh, Halloween 2009. Emma has asked us […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Oh, yeah!

October 27, 2008

(Read all the way to the bottom for Lori’s Childhood Trivia .) Reed and I pick up Tessa from school. We head to the dollar store to look for costumes. No luck, and on a whim (OK, mine) we drive through the nearby Dairy Queen for our favorite treats: bright blue squishees for them and […]