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Show & Tell: Wedding invitation

This past week, Roger and I marked the 15th anniversary of our engagement (click all images to magnify).

As longtime readers may guess, we are not the traditional type that would have a traditional wedding. Or traditional wedding invitations.

And before we had children, we were big film aficionados.

These were the RSVP cards.

And, as if out of a time capsule, our closing arguments in why invitees should attend our wedding.

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Show & Tell: Dynamic Duo

Here’s Roger and me one our way to a wine tasting this week, courtesy the alumni council of his graduate school.

This occasion is remarkable for two reasons. First, I wore lipstick. I always need Tessa’s help with this because I don’t actually own any lipstick. I’ve never bought lipstick. But somehow, my 8 year old daughter has a stash, and she came up with a not-unflattering color for me.

Secondly, this week marks the 15th anniversary of the day Roger and I first met, although I’d had my eye on him for a few months before that. I suppose that makes me a stalker. And seeing as how I have 3 years on him, I am also a cougar. Yeah, I’m a cougar/stalker. Can you blame me??


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