Show & Tell: Fall Mandala

September 21, 2008

I like to color mandalas. ========================= Want to see what the other kids are showing and telling? Visit Lollipop the Headmistress. Bring her a nice, juicy autumn apple. (But not an iTouch.)

Heart chakra: Divine power within you

August 2, 2008

This week’s spotlight is on the fourth or Heart Chakra — our emotional center. The awesome power to transform our lives and our world, through the energy of the heart, remains largely untapped for many of us. But it need not be. Need catching up? Visit any of these previous entries in The Rainbow Within […]

For my friends who wait

March 7, 2008

There is a lot of waiting and anxiety in our community right now. Today I have what I hope is a calming passage, a way to rise above the daily disquiet and see that there IS a big picture that is being composed moment by moment.  From Chapter One – A Mystical Path to Motherhood […]


January 8, 2008

I wait in the clearing for them to join me. It is my celebration, after all. The sun is shining, bathing the lea in a warm glow. There is an entire meadow of soft greenery for us to dig our toes into. Nothing sharp, nothing dangerous, nothing to mar our time together. There is just […]