Opposing forces and unsolvable mysteries

June 18, 2012

Not long ago I wrote about what a cad John F Kennedy was. Not news to anyone, but in the news because of a book. As some of you pointed out, the President is not able to refute any claims, so we must be aware that we may never know the truth about his philandering. […]

I own that

May 16, 2012

Jane asked us at the start of yoga class to silently¬† compliment ourselves on something. In the space of seconds I discounted everything that came to mind. On my body? That’s my genes. On my children? That’s someone else’s genes. On my writing? That’s due to my dad, my 7th grade teacher, Melissa, y’all who […]

Balance: Heaven on earth

March 21, 2012

Earlier this week we celebrated a time of balance, the moment in which the earth is midway on her path between solstices. Even the word equinox, equal night, denotes balance. The precise time of the spring equinox was 11:14 pm where I live, so I didn’t mark it with much fanfare. However, 10 hours later, […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Retreat

January 22, 2012

As part of a year-long course I’m immersed in, I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with a group of authentic and supportive women (12 of us plus a teacher) at a dude ranch called Peaceful Valley. We drove up between snowfalls and, because of the time of year, ended up being the only […]