Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment Monday: Grape Company

October 27, 2013

I drank wine this month. Which is not news. I tend to have a glass of wine each evening. It’s as much a treasured daily ritual as my morning cup of coffee is. The news is who I drank wine with (or maybe the shorter list would be who I didn’t drink wine with). In […]

Perfect Moment Monday: The Next Generation

September 29, 2013

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about my sisters once or twice. We kinda like each other. What’s more, we even like our parents. And because we five like being in each others’ company, about once a year we finagle the chance to drag along our husbands and children for The Sake of Family Togetherness. Which […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Dross into gold

August 25, 2013

I should have been suspicious when the tent showed up on our front porch in May, shipped from Costco. Weeks later, the UPS guy dropped off several sleeping mats, also from Costco. What was this? Could it be that my husband was conniving to take our family on a camping trip? Why would he do […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Reed guest posts

July 28, 2013

Not to be left out, Reed asked to follow in the footsteps of his sister and today he makes his writing debut on this blog. As so often happens within loving relationships, one person’s perfect moment leads to another’s. Reed says: My perfect moment this month was when I was picking out a present for […]