Who gets to decide who is a second-best family?

March 19, 2013

Families living in adoption deal with ranking all the time. People wonder: which is more important — nature or nurture? I’m on a mission, as I stated in my keynote speech last week, to get people to stop thinking this way when it comes to biology and biography. BOTH are important to a child and […]

The flip side of the adoption interview

November 21, 2012

I’m closing out the last week of National Adoption Awareness Month with the second part of twin posts from the Adoption Bloggers Interview Project. Part 1 was where I interviewed Becky of Scared to Be Happy, and below is the part in which she interviewed me (originally posted on her blog). (If you’re looking for […]

Vote 2012: How well does your candidate really match your values?

September 17, 2012

Boy, we get ourselves into a frenzy every four years, don’t we? By “we” I mean Americans and by “frenzy” I’m talking about the our shared and increasingly destructive quadrennial experience that turns friends into foes, normally pleasant people into rabid haters (or at least Facebook de-frienders), and polarizes our country to the point that […]

Vote 2012: Before we talk Obama vs Romney, let’s explore our core beliefs

September 10, 2012

Obama vs Romney. McCain vs Obama. Bush vs Kerry. Gore vs Bush. Is the polarization of the candidates due to our being easily swayed by smears, minutiae, and manipulation? Or is it because we have fundamental disagreements on what our political and economic systems should look like? I’d like to explore the latter. I’m talking […]