Show & Tell: Grass Roots

December 7, 2008

Last week for Show & Tell I bragged on my Dad being recognized for grassroots activism, and you indulged me like good friends and classmates do. Dad (Oopiderf) savored each of your comments, as did I. (*Bows head in appreciation .*) Some of you inquired about his speech, and he was only too happy to […]

Show & Tell: Dad’s night

November 30, 2008

Is this Show & Tell Day or Career Day? No matter. Fellow classmates, I bring to you My Dad, the Superhero. No, he’s not a fireman, an astronaut, or a rodeo clown. He’s even more exciting. He’s an economist. Da-da-da-daaaaaaa! Earlier this month, my dad was honored by a Colorado-based think tank for his legacy […]

The election — a giant crap game?

November 4, 2008

Regarding the Federal Reserve, which is not “federal” (it’s NOT a government agency — it’s a privately held corporation and its ownership is a well-guarded secret): “People talk about the issue of Republican vs Democrat… It’s organized crime. You call the Republicans ‘Genoveses’ and the Democrats ‘the Gambinos.’ The people at the top treat it […]

Lisa Ling reports: what happens to a foreclosed house

October 9, 2008

Or: Foreclosures are trashing the environment Or: The treasures left behind when a family flees Or: Why is that guy painting the lawn? Or: “You know you’re in trouble when the lawn is brown and the pool is green.” It’s hard to pick just one title for this clip. It’s long (12 minutes), but worth […]