Worded Wednesday: My family went to the 1920s

November 28, 2012

Over Thanksgiving weekend Roger and I took the kids forĀ  a day in downtown Denver. We started out by throwing a football around at Civic Center Park on a gorgeous and sunny late-morning (Reed’s pick). At Tessa’s urging we then we switched to a volleyball, counting to see how many volleys we could get in […]

Perfect Moment Monday: We are Young

November 25, 2012

Most days, as soon as the alarm goes off I pull on yoga pants (and shirt), wake the kids and get them ready for school. About the time they’re pledging their allegiance, I am setting up my laptop in my home office. But once in awhile, I actually go to work and must begin the […]

Perfect Moment Monday: That’s my kid!

September 23, 2012

While Mom is busy figuring out how to tell you her news, Tessa and I are going to tell her perfect moments this month. Why? Because we caused them. She tells us we rock and sometimes we do. My turn first because I’m the youngest. I’m 9. Pick Six It was a warm and sunny […]

Parenting chess

August 13, 2012

“But mo-oooooo-mmmmm,” (Reed’s exasperation results in superfluous syllables), “Weeding will take forEVER!” “It’ll take only 20 minutes.” “Twenty minutes?? That’s forEVER!” whines my son.