Wordless Wednesday: World’s biggest flake

June 20, 2012

To channel Rick James: “SuperFlake, SuperFlake! It’s super flaky….YOW!” No, I’m not talking about Reed. I’m talking about the ginormous flake he found in his box of Special K® this week. Reed ate it before I could put it on eBay.

Processing adoption: Conversation with my son, part 2

October 17, 2011

In part one, I told how my still-and-deep-water son was churning some adoption stuff, and how he trusted me to do it with him. I am honored. ~~~~~ Reed and I were running errands the next day. Tessa stayed home with Daddy to build the first fire of the season. Brrrr….it had gotten chilly! Bedtime […]

My son processes a new layer of his adoptedness

October 10, 2011
Thumbnail image for My son processes a new layer of his adoptedness

Adam Pertman told the story (which I’m paraphrasing, perhaps badly) at last month’s Open Adoption Symposium of his teenage son, playing a handheld game in his room one night. Trying to keep the lines of communication open, Adam stepped into his son’s room and asked, “Son, how often do you think about adoption?” Without looking […]

The obligatory first-day-of-school post

August 24, 2011

I post this, as I have posted others, because one day I will be attending their high school graduations. And I will want to look back on this beautiful, glorious, independence-blossoming, confidence-bearing morning. Here’s to my bloomers.