Reunion in adoption

Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age: Anthology and Giveaway

January 31, 2014

See that gap on your bookshelf, those empty kilobytes on your eReader? They are ready to be occupied by this new anthology of adoption reunion stories that just came out, edited by Laura Dennis (whom you’ve met on this blog before). Available now in eBook (less than $6) and paperback, Adoption Reunion in the Social […]

Why I am anti anti-open adoption: a public response to private statements

April 5, 2011

Private bulletin boards certainly serve a purpose. A private board can be a safe place for people to connect and explore sensitive issues more deeply than where the whole world could see. I’m in full support of that. A private board can also be a place to vent, and I’m also in support of that. […]

In print

April 29, 2010

On Facebook a few months backĀ  I cryptically updated about some good news I’d received. But I tend to not believe in the COMING of good luck; I trust only in the ARRIVAL of good luck. So I couldn’t be too specific about what the news was. But yesterday the proof arrived in the mailbox. […]

Reunion in Open Adoption 6: What was the What

March 11, 2009

It seemed, in this dark period, as if we had made a huge miscalculation, committed an unfixable mistake. One that our daughter would suffer for. Our crime? We had chosen open adoption. And despite thumbs up from all the grown ups in the equation, it was not working out well. At. All. For Tessa. She […]