Transformative Travel: A falling out

July 15, 2013

Twenty-four years ago I was halfway through a year working in Japan. I had been teaching English, traveling the country, and working out some issues by leaving my falling-apart life behind for a bit. Phase 1 of the year was Wonder. Everything in the first half of 1989 was new and fascinating: the food, the […]

The Day I Became a “Real” Mom

July 11, 2013

Remember my anticipation around the Mother’s Day-themed Listen To Your Mother Show two months ago? How ner-cited I was? The video is now available! For those of you not able to attend the show, here’s “The Day I Earned My Mom Badge,” about the moment I knew I had become a “real” mom. Who knew […]

All that’s left

May 7, 2012

About the time I started middle school (or, as we used to say, “junior high”) I had exasperated my piano teacher to the point where she decided I had to find a new teacher. I still don’t know how I flummoxed my mom so. I suppose it could have been my legendary stubbornness. (Example: My […]

Murphy’s Date Night

March 5, 2012

Roger and I did something we’ve never done before: booked an in-town hotel room. We pre-paid it on Friday after we got an offer from a family friend to take our kids Saturday night for a sleepover. It was to be a time of reconnection and renewal for us, a time to have no responsibilities, […]