The View

Things stuck in my craw

April 2, 2012

As far back as I can remember I had an affinity for John F Kennedy. He was president when I was born. I was sitting in a high chair when my parents heard he had died, tragically. Later, in 7th grade, I made a shrinky-dink pendant with his face on it (I also made a […]

Flow (as in Aunt) comes to The View

March 9, 2010

This is my swan song, my last missive as brand ambassador for The View. I shall hang up my tiara and blue sash until the next time duty calls. Check out the guests and topics for the coming days: a bodily function, a former governor, Captain Fantastic, a dancing celebrity. This week on The View […]

Week 3 of my ambassadorship

March 1, 2010

…and STILL I haven’t attended any state dinners! I’m in the 3rd of my 4-week gig as Brand Ambassador for ABC’s The View. My duties are to give you a sneak peek at this week’s topics, and to get feedback about the show to the producers. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts on the […]

The View addresses infertility this week

February 23, 2010

Note: there’s a question for you toward the end of this post. Thanks for all your comments on last week’s announcement of my ambassadorship for The View. I don’t know if the Powers-That-Be are reading, or how representative they might think that readers of this little ol’ blog might be of their viewing universe, but […]