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Perfect Moment Monday: Big Easy

I spent much of December* channeling Maria von Trapp (or, rather, Julie Andrew’s version of her). So many of my favorite things came together I wanted to burst into song as if on top of a mountain at several points during the month.

One weekend in particular, I enjoyed a convergence of some my favorite things: time with with my husband, time to myself, and travel to a place that’s new to me. A place that has good food and good music, to boot!

Roger and I had a chance to travel to New Orleans, just the two of us, for a long weekend. The afternoon we arrived we walked through the French Quarter and had a late lunch at a venerable Bourbon Street restaurant. We returned to a different restaurant the next evening for dinner. My handsome husband started the meal with a Sazerac, a New Orleans cocktail, while I indulged in a Lavender Champagne. Superbly matched to my senses. Dinner was divine.

champagne cocktail

My husband was in New Orleans for a conference, so while he worked the rest of the weekend, I walked. I visited the National WWII Museum downtown and leisurely explored the French Quarter, delighting in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes.

Perhaps the peak moment of perfection for me was brunch alone at the Courtyard of Two Sisters. A huge buffet yielded bacon, the best grits I’d ever had, spinach and bread pudding, all with Creole accents (sadly, I had to stay away from shellfish). I was seated outdoors in the courtyard, right in front of a three-piece New Orleans jazz band. Just me and my very-pleased senses, augmented by perfect weather and a good book on my Kindle.

Jazz brunch in New Orleans

A blast of bliss. So glad I noticed it.

* Yes, December was also a tragic month, collectively, and a pall was cast. Still, perfect moments exist for each of us, ready to be noticed.


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Family fun at Colorado’s YMCA of the Rockies

The bad news: Tessa and Reed noticed immediately that there was no TV in our room.

The good news: They never mentioned it again.

Last week a group of Colorado bloggers was invited, with our families, to enjoy all the fun that the YMCA of the Rockies Camp has to offer. My extended family had already been to the YMCA camp near Winter Park years ago (for a family reunion at Snow Mountain Ranch — don’t ask about the melted TV, which is, perhaps why there are no longer TVs in rooms) but this was my first time at the camp near Estes Park.

We arrived about an hour before the summer solstice. I was thrilled to find that there is a labyrinth on the sprawling grounds, so at the moment the earth reached its extreme point toward summer (northern hemisphere) and began its 6 months slide toward winter, I walked a labyrinth to mark the change. It was a calm start to a whirlwind couple of days.

For the next 42 hours we biked, tie-dyed, saw a Godspell performance from a traveling youth group, ate 5 square meals (very good for cafeteria food), sang karaoke, shot arrows at the archery range, played ultimate frisbee and flag football, went swimming  and enjoyed games night with the other bloggers and their children.

A few of the things we had to forgo were the zipline, the sing-along, mini-golf, hiking, the skate park, wall climbing, massage, fishing, a scavenger hunt, yoga, horseback riding, animal classes and history workshops. And about a chamillion other activities.

There was so much offered that our orientation packet was 25 pages long. Chock full, with something for everyone.

Which is why the Y is famous for multi-generational family reunions. Grandma can play bingo while Gramps goes fishing, the kiddos play games and Dad ziplines. Mom? Massage, of course. If you go in the winter, you might even gather around a cozy fireplace. (It’s all fun and games until the TV melts).

We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck, Mama Bird’s Blog, Lifenut, Denver Parent, Eat Play Love, Greeblemonkey, and Julie Marsh and our 21 children, Our hostess, Laura, definitely had the mostest. Here are just a few shot to share:

If you ever get the chance to visit YMCA of the Rockies (and you don’t mind the emphasis on the “C” part of “YMCA”), my children and I heartily suggest you take it.

Disclosure: We were guests of the YMCA camp for purposes of experiencing it and writing a straight-up post about it.

Here are some posts by my colleagues about our YMCA adventure: