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Show & Tell: Senior moment

Maybe it’s the influence of my last post that triggered me to share this photo I took of a scene in Budapest many years ago.

Budapest was the consolation prize I mentioned here, which includes the bridge that first bonded me to Cassandra.

I wonder what the man is waiting for? What kind of life has he had? What has he seen? Has he loved and been loved?

The photo has been hanging on our wall for a dozen years, and the light has not been good to it. Still, I hope you can see the haunting quality in the image that I do.

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Show & Tell: Wild Dala Horses

If you’ve spent any time in a Swedish community, you may be familiar with the Dala Horse:

Dala horsesadorn homes, Christmas trees, mailboxes, tableclothes, wrapping paper, etc — all year long.

I spent last week in my college town. Lindsborg, KS has taken the Dala concept one step further — a herd of wild dala horses has taken up residence in various locations!

I photographed some (and also borrowed other photos from to show you my beloved Lindsborg’s whimsicality. The titles of these 11 wild dalas are as clever as the paint jobs.

See what my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel’s Show & Tell. And show something yourself — everyone is welcome.