Evil Grass

June 20, 2014

No, this isn’t another marijuana post. Do you know what a grass awn is? Grass awn is another name for The Devil. Grass awns are Satans of the savannah, Lucifers of the llano and Mephistopheles of the meadow. Closer to home, they are Beelzebubs of my backyard. They may look benign, but they are EVIL. […]

5 Easy Steps to Goop Yourself

April 5, 2014

Yeah, Gwyneth Paltrow as front page news is fading as other more timely topics encroach (Letterman’s exit, Lorde embracing her flaws, or that couple banned from naming their son “WikiLeaks”). But still she’s on my mind. Or at least her website, Goop.com, is. How did it get such a silly name? I’m guessing it’s either […]


January 6, 2014

My fingers glide effortlessly over the keys. No one in the history of piano — including Ludwig van Beethoven — has ever performed Für Elise quite as  well as I am playing it now. I sit at the piano in our living room, right near our home’s front door, “sniffing the keys” (my piano teacher‘s phrase […]

The Year of the Luz 2013

December 31, 2013

Highlights/lowlights: Quarter 1: I forgave the world for all its sins against me. Quarter 2A: I gave birth to a book! Quarter 2B: Poop soup? Yes, please! Quarter 3: Tessa and Reed each guest posted. Quarter 4: I made a bold prediction on The Huffington Post that involves the Berlin Wall. And how was your […]