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1001th: Just Keep Driving

I’ve been unmotivated to post anew because…this.

1000 blog posts leads to 1001

But I guess when your car’s odometer passes 100K, you just keep on driving.


I had a post syndicated on BlogHer earlier this month and I invite you to check it out. Get your sexy on with these 5 yoga poses (some of them a skosh more difficult than the one shown below).

5 sexy yoga poses


For a fascinating look at openness in parenting via donor gametes, check out this New York Times Motherlode piece by Dawn Bovasso, an egg donor 15 years ago and a mom via sperm donation today.

By being so willing to talk about Leo’s origins, my choice [to check the Open box] wasn’t just about genetics and the far future. It became about a community of people making the same choice and open to the same kind of sprawling family – right now. This community of half siblings and their moms isn’t anything I’d read about in any of the books or blogs, and it has been, quite honestly, the most moving and profound part of using a donor. With these choices, I have given myself something quite extraordinary, too.


This post is a part of #Microblog Mondays. What’s that? A post that is not too long. Head over to Stirrup Queens to join the fun.

My Bloggy Valentines

Nearly 8 years ago, I found this and my world changed. As a result of a routine google search, I found Melissa, bloggers and blogging.

How appropriate, then, that yesterday, Melissa tagged me as one of her Bloggy Valentines. The tag is an invitation for me to write a brief Valentine’s ode to each of 5 other bloggers I follow.

In doing so, I’m hitting Publish on my 999th post.*

bloggy valentine5 random selections from Feedly.

In the absence of classrooms, desks, and shoeboxes, I now hand out my bloggy Valentines.

Eden of Edenland: one of my early blogging sisters (then as Topcat). It’s been such a pleasure to watch you come into your own, to settle into your voice, to remain authentic and grounded. I really enjoyed peeling back the veneer with you via your Dork Olympics and Gimme Shelter carnivals. And I’m thankful to you and your sister for the liquid courage sister that made this possible.

Noemi of Not a Wasted Word: Noemi has incredible stamina as a writer — she passed 1000 posts a long while back and is among the most prolific of bloggers. Also, I admire how willing Noemi is to look within, even when under attack and always with candor. She’s a courageous blogger.

Kathy of Bereaved and Blessed: Kathy and I bonded through book tours, Perfect Moment Mondays and Time Warp Tuesdays. She is a thoughtful, compassionate and connection-making writer whom I am fortunate to call my friend.

Welp, I can only do three, considering the time-sensitivity of this post. My son just fell off his bike and has a gash on his chin.  We’re headed to the doctor for a “wound assessment.” Reed is really hoping he doesn’t need more stitches.

**Update: 3 stitches.**

So Eden, Noemi, Kathy and the other 2 bloggers I was going to mention (one was definitely you) — consider yourself tagged. Here are the rules:

  • Choose 5 blogs at random (or 3).
  • Throw up a post with a sentence about what you love about each one.
  • Tell those people to consider themselves tagged.
  • Visit Stirrup Queens to put up a link to your post.  List closes 11:59 pm ET on the 14th.

* No clue what my 1000th post will be about. Any ideas or requests?

** For those of you counting along at home, that’s 1 stitch every 5 days this year.