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The Year of the Luz 2015

Highlights and lowlights of 2015.

Quarter 1: Family Fight Night

It was a rough start to the year. My  inner badass was activated at my son’s basketball game and I almost got into a brawl.


That was on the heels of our 3 Wheelchair Night.

wheelchair night

Quarter 2: Paperback (and Letter) Writer

My book came out in paperback.

Also, I wrote letters of disappointment to Dear Abby and a senator from Texas.
guide how to navigate open adoption

Quarter 3: Health Scares

I had a health scare and my son had a freak accident. Continue reading The Year of the Luz 2015

Sustainer vs Destroyer

In Greek mythology, Fate has three aspects who manage a mortal’s thread of life. Clotho spins the thread, Lachesis measures it, and Atropos cuts it with her shears.

(I was introduced to the Three Fates via the fantasy series, The Incarnations of Immortality. Book 3 was among a handful of  thousands of books I’ve read that left an enduring imprint.)

Similarly Hindu culture presents the Trimurti of Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer, and Shiva the Destroyer, or Transformer.


I am Lachesis. I am Vishnu. I can keep things new like nobody’s business. Continue reading Sustainer vs Destroyer

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (and other stuff)

1. My family staycationed in nearby Colorado Springs. Daughter and I got tattoos (henna), I rode the zipline across the Royal Gorge (zomg), and we drove to the top of Pikes Peak. If you ever decide to go to Colorado Springs, check out our 1 2, or 3 day itineraries on the full post, which includes more photos.

colorado springs family trip
Royal Gorge Bridge, Arkansas River in the Royal Gorge, JFKennedy Range from the bridge, the bridge’s cables.

2. I went to my high school reunion. I know over time we trade youth for, Continue reading Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (and other stuff)