favicon book coverLori and her daughter’s birth mom have written The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole.


Lori Holden on The Huffington PostLori was published in The Huffington Post, an article titled “When News is No Longer News and Denial is Still Denial.”

Lori was named a Top 10 Must Read Mom by Parenting magazine and BlogHer.



I'm Speaking at BlogHer '12Lori spoke at BlogHer12 and at BlogHer08.



Lori has an article published in Conceive magazine as a Must-Read Mom (To Be).


Lori appears on the list of 101 Best Adoption, Loss and Infertility Bloggers.



Lori’s was named a Top Adoption Blogger by Adoptive Families magazine.



Lori is on Twitter as @LavLuz.



Lori gives sassy reviews and turns you on to great deals at All Thumbs Reviews.

Lori is a contributing columnist each month at Mile High Mamas.com, a Denver Post site.



Lori has written several articles for Adoptive  Families magazine.



Lori was interviewed by ABCNews.


Perfect Moment Monday

Lori encourages Perfect Moment Mondays each week.



Lori runs Lori’s Childhood Trivia once in awhile.



Lori was limericized by Furrow:

This new-agey blogger named Lori
Has insights that make me cry, “Glory!”
But she hides a surprise
Though she writes of third eyes
She’s Republican down at her core, see?

 In real life Lori rarely refers to herself in the third person.

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