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Need Open Adoption Advice?

So many parents I’ve talked with are committed to open adoption because they understand how it can help them and their children move from an Either/Or mindset to a Both/And heartset. They consequently open to contact with birth parents and all the complexity doing so brings.

Regular old parenting can get tough, but add in an open adoption component and things can get really hairy. No parenting guide can give all the answers, but once you know how to set your “parenting GPS,” you’ll know how to find your answers.

Here are question people have asked about open adoption situations.

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Advice on Open Adoption

The Open Adoption Advice column was accidentally launched in the spring of 2015. As I prepared for and delivered a series of webinars, I realized there was a hunger for not only general knowledge about orienting on the child, but also situation-specific information on dealing with common issues in open adoption: The profile. The Wait. Boundaries. Levels of openness. How to tell the child his story. Healing from wounds. Staying open even when it’s hard. And so on.

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