Tasty Tidbits: Farmers on Farming

I had the pleasure of dining last week with a half-dozen women who farm Colorado land. Over a delicious meal to which they certainly contributed, I got to find Common Ground with these farmers.

Less than 2% of our population provides food for 100% of our population.

— Ann Cross, CommonGroundCO

Ann is part of an organization that aims to “start conversations between women who grow food, and the women who buy it.” Here are a few morsels of my table’s conversations, primarily with a farmer named Sondra, who is rooted in Boulder County. Continue reading Tasty Tidbits: Farmers on Farming

Does Open Adoption Work?

My last post touched on the debate spurred by publicity for Amy Seek’s new memoir, God and Jetfire: Confessions of a Birth Mother. I started with a courtroom scene but decided to go this route instead. (You don’t have to have read that book to get this post.)

Rorschach Test

I see the debate about God and Jetfire as a sort of Rorschach test — people see in it what they bring to it. If you think adoption is a blessing, you think Amy Seek was brave. If you see adoption as abhorrent, you think Amy Seek made an unnatural choice and that she’s paid the consequences through regret over the years.

does open adoption work? it's a rorschach test.

And if you see adoption as infinitely complex, Continue reading Does Open Adoption Work?

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