Crazy 8

Hi.       I’m this blog.      I’m 8 years old today.     Here is my life story so far.

8th blogoversary

I was born a poor, blogspot template and I was originally known as WeeblesWobblog. My midwives hailed from the ALI community (Adoption / Loss/ Infertility), prompting my birth and nourishing me in my early days (and now).

Within a couple of years, I grew bigger and caught the attention of a certain toy company. It sent my creator a cease and desist order which led to a name change for me. My person had already chosen her Appellation Trail name,  Lavender Luz, which ultimately became my name, too, through a second and final name change.

Over the years I got to go to some conferences that were set up just for blogs like me, and my person got to know the people behind so many other fantastic blogs. We all had a grand old time figuring out how to grow and morph and monetize (or not) and connect, and most of all, to own and enjoy our space.

When I was almost 5, I found out I was going to have a younger sibling. Not a brother, not a sister, not even another blog, but a book!

Lori Holden's book on open adoptionMy sibling.

My person has dabbled in other sorts of blogginess — product reviews, writing occasionally for a big time site, writing a regular column locally, and even reading one of my entries in front of a live audience.

8th blog birthday

But she’ll always consider me the heart of her bloggy life.

Yes, this is all very self-indulgent. But what did you expect? I’m EIGHT.   And I’m a BLOG.

Happy Blogoversary to Me

birthday cupcake

So stick with me one more step. I’m asking you for a present. Please indulge me just one bit more and tell me as you munch on a virtual cupcake,

What brings you here?


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Math in Nature

Today’s Post Brought to You by the Number 5 and my Hoya Plant

I’m fascinated by math in nature. I’m drawn to patterns of all sorts — especially fractals — and I often find myself subconsciously subitizing as I walk along the creek path, checking for interesting formations I observe on plants, animals, rocks, clouds, rivulets, and other creations of Mother Nature.

Fives are cool. I come from a family of 5 (2 parents + 2 sisters + me). There are 5 elements in nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether). I have 5 phalanges on each of my limbs (to channel Phoebe Buffet). We high 5 and we gimme 5 we hang 5 and we work til 5. When it all gets to be too much we take 5.

And in late April/early May, my pentacle-oriented hoya (wax plant) starts to bud.

Looks like the hoya operates on a base 5. #penduncle #hoya #waxplant #mathinnature #abouttobloom

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Within a few days,the buds morph into blooms.

Bloomin’. #hoya #waxplant #flowers #buds #blossoms #nature #mathinnature #blooming #plant #pink #spring

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Eventually the metamorphosis is complete and the peduncles (a word which sounds a lot worse than it is) fully sport their blossoms.


My #hoya is wishing me happy Mother’s Day. #waxplant #smellsgood


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Hoya blossoms smell good, too, and I admit I’ve tasted the nectar. Pleasing to at least 3 of my 5 senses.

More Math in Nature

For more on sand dollars, rabbits, Fibonacci, apple cores, the Vitruvian Man, and the golden mean, visit StaciAnne Grove.


This post is part of #Microblog Mondays. What’s that? A post that is not too long. Head over to Stirrup Queens to join the fun.

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