Forgiving the world

March 4, 2013

We sit on the floor in criss-cross applesauce at the beginning of yoga class, and Jane instructs us to close our eyes and remember a time during childhood when we were hurt or scared, in order to find if there are areas in which we need to release and to forgive. Her soothing voice and […]

Worst. Mom. Ever. x3

July 6, 2011

To balance out this post. I. Reed says to me: “Mom, you never play with me. All you ever do is sit at your computer.” He’s kinda right. I feel horrible. II. Though she’s not much for picking up, Tessa likes to surprise me by cleaning. I know! How lucky am I? But here’s what […]

Did Jesus get zits?

June 21, 2011

Ten years ago, I began a series of one-year courses with my teacher, Ethel, called Multidimensional Energy Work. I’ve mentioned this before, as well as the profound impact that this work/play has had on my spiritual evolving. One of Ethel’s teachers has been Mother Meera, a woman from India who lives in Germany and holds […]

Answer me this #23: Heart health

December 10, 2010

How have you exercised your forgiveness muscle lately? Image: