getting real

Find the perfection in imperfection

November 7, 2011

In the early 1990s, when I was a lonely yuppie, yearning to meet the man who would make my heart sing and to start a family with him, I read a book by Dan Millman called The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose. I knew that my life […]

Worst. Mom. Ever. x3

July 6, 2011

To balance out this post. I. Reed says to me: “Mom, you never play with me. All you ever do is sit at your computer.” He’s kinda right. I feel horrible. II. Though she’s not much for picking up, Tessa likes to surprise me by cleaning. I know! How lucky am I? But here’s what […]

What does “real” mean: adoption talk with my daughter

December 23, 2010

We were thrilled last summer to hear that my son’s birth mom had put us on her itinerary during her visit to Colorado.  Reed hadn’t had contact with her in nearly 4 years, and for the first time he would meet his half-siblings, ages 3 and 1. Reed showed no signs of either distress or […]