Gratitude? Gratitude.

August 4, 2011

My yoga teacher, Jane, harps and harps on gratitude. Got something good going on? Show gratitude! Got something bad going on? Show gratitude! And she’s always trying to open our hips because “open hips = happy heart.” And a happy heart is a grateful one. One day, after a very stretchy sequence to eke open […]


April 22, 2011

We didn’t know it, that first day of Tessa’s swim team practice in the spring of 2010, but our lives were about to be sliced in two. Before: we were consumed with the end of the school year. There were report cards, field days, deciding on next year’s school, assemblies. We’d had a wind storm […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Reunited and it feels so good

April 10, 2011

I woke up on my own schedule Saturday morning. The night before I’d gone to bed on my own schedule. I ate when and what I wanted and was going to the gym when I wanted, without having to arrange to tag-team with my husband about one of us staying home with the kids. I […]


March 30, 2011

Ten years ago¬† I was introduced to a significant other. First we found out about each other by a mutual acquaintance, and days later we were met in person. We liked each other immediately, and sure enough those strong feelings of like soon turned into true love. Within a couple of weeks we were bonded […]