human condition

Do something

December 16, 2012

Isn’t that what we all want right now, to DO something, something that will soothe the Sandy Hook community, something that will prevent future tragedy, something that will make us and others feel better, safer? We’ve seen horrors like Newtown’s play out, all too often, and we can predict how things will go for the […]

Identity crisis

November 8, 2012

I’m having one. I have said that I aim to integrate my thoughts, words and actions, and that I want to integrate all my selves — the different faces I show in various situations. Self, wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, writer, employee, and all the other titles I wear. It came to a head recently, […]


October 16, 2012

Sometimes you can go back. But why, you might ask, why would I want to go back to this: I’m 17. I’m with the band. This photo (no shocker that it was my entry into Edenland’s Dork Olympics many years ago) was taken one autumn during my high school years. I was a proud member […]

3 thoughts on the New York Times article on adoption and magical thinking

August 17, 2012

While researching his book on magical thinking, Matthew Hutson interviewed a psychologist and one of his collaborators who had, in turn, interviewed 38 adoptive parents. “It turns out that most of the parents had told her that their children had been brought to them by destiny.” Granted, 38 is not a very big sample. But […]