speaking gigs

Meet me at the library

October 30, 2013

Calling all front-range adoptive families, birth families, adoption professionals, people considering adoption or donor gametes as a means of family-building, and people who have adopted internationally, through foster care and domestically. Join me in kicking off National Adoption Awareness month by coming to the Denver Public Library Schlessman Branch ( this Sunday, November 3, at […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Grape Company

October 27, 2013

I drank wine this month. Which is not news. I tend to have a glass of wine each evening. It’s as much a treasured daily ritual as my morning cup of coffee is. The news is who I drank wine with (or maybe the shorter list would be who I didn’t drink wine with). In […]

Adoption Workshop in Denver

September 19, 2013

I’ve been invited by the Family-to-Family Adoption Support Program at Parker Adventist Hospital to lead a workshop on openness in adoption. It just occurred to me that I should mention that here. I’ve been so focused on putting together the session that I just remembered to give notice to Denver-area readers. The workshop is tomorrow […]

The Day I Became a “Real” Mom

July 11, 2013

Remember my anticipation around the Mother’s Day-themed Listen To Your Mother Show two months ago? How ner-cited I was? The video is now available! For those of you not able to attend the show, here’s “The Day I Earned My Mom Badge,” about the moment I knew I had become a “real” mom. Who knew […]