unsupervised children

Fort Luz

June 2, 2011

Summer vacation just started for my children. Which makes me think of my own summer vacations several decades ago. My sisters and I would sleep in til 7:30 (only 10 minutes later than we grudgingly awoke on school days), eager to suck the marrow out of all the daylight. We’d get dressed and chomp down […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Rubbed the right way

December 26, 2010

I usually go to the hair salon while the kids are in school. Ninety minutes is too long for two kids to entertain themselves and stay out of people’s hair. Hehe. But for holiday break, Tessa wanted me to bring her along. After all, her birth mom, Crystal, is my stylist. Reed joined us despite […]

Science in the bedroom

June 8, 2010

How’s that for a provocative title? Kristin warned us not to trust too much quiet. It was the first day of my children’s summer vacation, but just another work-at-home day for me.  I’d been solving registration problems uninterrupted for about 45 minutes. Glory be. And then… “Mommy…!?” Tessa’s last syllable inflected upward in a controlled […]