This and that on a Saturday night

Marriage: Roger took me to the Broadmoor Hotel for our anniversary earlier this month. It was only for one night, but it was a wonderful night. I got a bath (no kids knocking on the door!), some champagne, and an uninterrupted dinner with a very handsome man.

Sister. I just got back from a 3-day trip to the Western Slope of Colorado to visit my sister, Sheri, and her family. She’s an intuitive and a life coach (I can tell you some amazing stories) and she’ll unveil her own blog soon. Oh yeah? She knew you’d say that.

Blog reading. Melissa at Stirrup Queens is mixing it up again. She assigned me a blog to review, and I’m to find the best post of the past year and write it up. I’m lucky — I got a funny read, and I’ve stayed up late the past several nights because it’s so engaging.

Indulge. KarenO tagged me with the order to indulge. So to comply, I stopped in a health food store on my way home from my sister’s and got a 74% dark chocolate bar and ate the whole thing on my way back to the city. And now that the kids are in bed I’m about to have some raspberry sorbet doused in limoncello and served in a martini glass…yum. Tomorrow my indulgence is a weight loss yoga class to make up for the first two indulgences. That KarenO is a real taskmistress.

Dried up. When I got home to my garden, all the sugar snap peas I planted are dead.

On that note, I’m off to indulge in limoncello sorbet. Ta-ta.

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