We’ve talked religion…so how about politics?

How well do you really know your candidate? Do his/her views actually match your own?

VoteMatch quiz

I was surprised at my results. My political philosophy is “Moderate Libertarian” (not surprising) and my top two candidates were Bill Richardson and Ron Paul (the shocker).

How about you?





4 thoughts on “We’ve talked religion…so how about politics?”

  1. I like this quiz because it helps separate the facts (voting record, if there is one) from the carefully crafted persona. I’m surprised how often there are gaps between them!

    Thanks for taking the quiz and reporting back.

  2. that was interesting – I like that you see how they all vote – some I already knew but some surprised me. I’m right conservative (surprise surprise)

  3. OK, not knowing a THING about American Politics except for the fact that you get Democrats and Republicans, I did the quiz. My top 3 candidates were Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Maybe you know what it means, I only recognize Mrs. Clinton’s name! And it says my political philosophy is that of Liberal-Leaning Populist. And here I thought I was very conservative… lol!

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