Limerick Chick Contest


In grade school I discovered an art form that instantly captivated me. It was asymmetric but with a pattern. It was clever and sometimes raunchy. Short and within my abilities to comprehend and create.

I loved limericks. I was crushed to later find that there are people who find them among the lowest of art forms, right down there with the graphic design on a box of Count Chocula.

I’ve been in the blogosphere for a only short time, but I’ve had the pleasure of observing and participating in fun contests and tours, such as Leslie’s Haiku Buckaroo Contest and Stirrup QueensBarren Bitches Book Brigade. Every time I think, “How clever — wonder how these things get started.”

Well, if I start one, then I’ll know.

Announcing the Limerick Chicks Contest. There are 3 rules:

1. Use the limerick form, as in Hickory Dickory Dock.

2. Mention at least one other blog or blogger, with their linky.

3. No entries mentioning Nantucket 😉 — it’s just too low-hanging a fruit!

1. First post your limerick on your own blog (if you have one — no worries if you don’t).

2. Then post your limerick in a comment below, with its permalink back to your blog (if’n you have).

3. Feel free to post the emblem on your blog, and please encourage others to enter. (This is the contest’s permalink to cut and paste:

4. Entries should be received by September 5.

5. Direct your readers to Weebles Wobblog between September 6 and 12 for voting.

6. The winner will be announced in the September 13 post.

7. Email me a way to get in touch with you. (bestlightlori at the gmail place).

8. Enter as many times as your creativity allows.

There is a prize! The winner will receive a 50% discount on an adoption profile review. Now, I’m aware that not everyone will find this valuable, but since I am not in a position to donate eggs, provide cheap Fertinex, or come to your house and change diapers while you take a bubble bath, this is the best I can do. And I’m really good at it (fixing up ailing profiles, not changing diapers). If you win and don’t need it, donate it to someone who does. Make some good karma for yourself.

Let the games begin.

Here’s the code to cut and paste on your own blog. Right click the image and choose copy, the paste in your own post. Sorry this is so complicated — I’m new to HTML.


1. Jenn in Holland
You know when I joined Leslie’s game.
My haiku all started out lame.
If it’s all right with you
I may sit this one through
But send players to you all the same!

2. Leslie‘s first entry
There’s a guy some people call Grimm
I often have sex with him
But after some lovin’
A bun’s in the oven
And now the pickins are slim

3. Leslie ‘s second entry
My friend Karly asked, “Why not?
Come write at Wiping Up Snot?
I’m taking a rest
Just do your best
And use all the cuss words you’ve got.”

4. Leslie‘s third entry
There’s a girl I love called Mackey
We’re so alike it’s just wacky
I’d give her my heart
You know, the half necklace part
But when you’re a grown up that’s tacky

5. Lori
The bloggers I’ve read this summer
Have been anything but a bummer
Like Oracle Sun
or Yet? Are We Having Fun
You’ve made me wiser, not dumber.

6. Melissa
This woman draws bloggers together
In the sea of infertility she’s our tether
Planning D.C. dinners and drinks
As well as writing posts that make you think
That Lindsay is certainly clever

7. Kristen‘s first entry
There once was a baby named Snowflake
Who smelled just like angel food cake
She was bright as the sun,
As sweet as Sticky Bun
That she gave her momma a toothache

8. Kristen‘s second entry
There once was a group of ladies
Who set out to go and make babies
They became Stirrup Queens
Or so it would seem
Until they all wound up with scabies!

9. Topcat
There once was a chick named Topcat
Who wished that she got really fat
Not from pies chips and gravy
But big-bellied with baby
She wants one RIGHT NOW and that’s that!

10. Kami’s first entry
Tales from my Dusty Ovaries
She won’t be visiting wineries
It’s the two week wait
Approaching the big date
Wishing her cute little babies

11. Kami’s second entry
Infertile bloggers are we
We’ll spread ’em for any RE
We just want a baby
A boy or a lady
Or UPON AWAKENING, live childfree

12. Lub‘s first entry
Why can I not have a baby?
I keep asking God to save me.
He answers in ways,
To calm me from this craze,
Of infertility between me and Davy.

13. Lub‘s second entry
Symptoms are always a bust
Sore boobies and high temps a must
We all hope we’re pregnant
Try not to get hell bent
WTF oops I just cussed.

Adoption Profile Fix-up class in Denver September 8

Had that adoption profile out there awhile? Not sure why you’re being passed over? Tired of waiting?

Every couple of months I offer a do-it-yourself adoption profile makeover workshop through Colorado Free University, and there’s one coming up soon.
Date: September 8 (Saturday)
Time: 10 am to noon
Tuition: $24/single or $39 couple (slightly more for non CFU members)
Offered again: November 26 (Monday), 6:30 – 8:30 pm


If you live near Denver, visit Colorado Free University for information or to register.


I’d like to thank the Academy of Rockin’ Girl Bloggers

I was touched and honored that Kami of Are We There Yet? bestowed on me this hot pink emblem:

My husband congratulated me on being a Rockin’ Girl Blogger, in spite of the fact that he has no clue what that means. (Except the “Girl” part. He gets that.)

Anyway, thanks, Kami, for your faithful reading and commenting on my blogs. I think you were the very first one to put me on your reader feeder. And as for making me think, the sentiment is mutual, my friend :-).

So now I find five other Rockin’ Blogger Girls. Hmmmm. We may have to widen our definition a bit.

1. Furrow at Seed Dispersal Mechanisms. Girlfriend, you make me spit my coffee on my screen on a regular basis, especially with the comments you leave me. Do pregnancy hormones make you extra droll?

2. Sunny at My Journey Towards My Little Miracle taught me so much during my first blogging weeks — a true Rockin’ Blogger. She invited me for a gmail account, and she put one of my entries on her “Posts That Hit Home,” thereby introducing me to Google’s Shared Reader. Her entries make me cry over her losses and laugh about her perspectives.

3. Ahem. Rob Reed is a modern-day Renaissance Man (and metrosexual). I “met” him 2 years ago when he and his wife, Marie, had been waiting a looooooooong time to become parents. They met each other in 8th grade because of whipped cream (just had to put that in). They lived through IF and an interminable wait to adopt, and are now happy parents (it’s official!) of AJ. Rob was attacked in the blogosphere for using YouTube to publicize their adoption hopes. Rob’s blog shows his sheer joy at being — finally — a father. And oh yeah, and he’s an attorney, a baseball podcaster, a singer/songwriter, a bulletin board developer, a Harry Potter-o-phile and a nice guy. Pretend the emblem is blue that it says “Rockin’ Blogger Guy,” Rob.

4. Steph at Queen of Dysfunction just cracks me up. She’s not afraid to say ANYTHING. She must have quite a following in Sacramento, because every post has upwards of 30 comments. I liked this post about her sister. Also, she has some verrry intersting tags in her label list, like cadavers, cremains, and really f**king stupid blog awards. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with this one.

5. Lastly is a brand new blogger. Sheri blogs at Oracle Sun on developing one’s own intuitive abilities. She is a mom to 3 boys, personal and professional coach, marketing expert, laugh-til-your-cheeks-hurt funny person, and everyday intuitive. She had some amazing insights for me during my infertility and adoption experiences (she “saw” my son days before he was born, and told me with confidence my wait was almost over). Her intuitive gifts continue to help me gain clarity when I am the muddiest. She has known me longer than anyone but my parents. She is my sister. Give her a warm welcome.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is your award. You’ve been tagged. Go forth and multiply.