How to help new parents and waiting parents

A link to an article arrived in my Inbox. The title is My Adopted Child Can Hear You (fitting with my Words Matter theme) but the content also touches on what new adoptive parents really need when they bring home their child.

I’m including this here because the Stirrup Queen community seems to be blessed quite often with news of new adoptions via Mel’s Lost and Found and Connections Abound. I think we do pretty well, especially with points 3 and 4. Some of the other tips are logistically difficult, given our span around the globe.

And as for what waiting moms and dads really need (besides the obvious): I wish for each of you a peaceful heart, broken open and ready to receive full bounty at the right time and with exactly the right circumstance; I wish for you the gratification that has been delayed almost to the breaking point (maybe even past it); I wish for you the foresight in trusting the unfoldment (that you most likely will have only in hindsight); I wish for you the inextricable joining of your lives with that of your future child and his/her roots.

I wish for you.

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