Niobe, queen of the arcane, who writes the blog I go to when needing to learn something new and really cool, has passed along this meme.

I must admit that when going to someone’s house for the first time, I love to check out what books are on the shelves. It’s a good way to find commonalities and topics of conversation. It’s like a secret peek into someone’s values.

When I look at one of our Walls o’ Books, I know that I married the right man — a fellow bibliophile. Anyone who judges me on the books that I have will think I’m very, very smart. Truth is, most of the consequential ones are Rob’s. He was the English major.

But I have my own impressive stash, too. Ours are completely commingled after so many years of marriage. We are such reading geeks that when we DO get away together for a weekend, we luxuriate not only in each other, but in a stack of reading material that is much too big to ever get through.

I tag Melissa, Furrow, Wordgirl, Mary Beth and Pamela Jeanne to share your tomes. And anyone else, too. Just leave your link here so we can all snoop your spines.

Perfect Moment Family Edition

It is late afternoon. Roger has just gotten home from work and has changed from his nice clothes to jeans and a t-shirt. He’s looking mighty fine, now fitting into jeans the same size he wore during his college days.

He’s offered to cook supper tonight, and he unloads the groceries he brought home. He trims and seasons the steaks, which are sure to be yummy, and lets them sit while the grill heats up.

The kids are jumping all over him, to his delight. He sits Tessa down to work on her kindergarten homework. She beams as she demonstrates the difference between an upper-case P and a lower-case p.

Reed tells about the boy in preschool who ate glue. He extracts from Daddy a promise to build a Le.go spaceship after dinner.

I am in the family room reading and commenting on blogs. I have almost missed a perfect moment. I look up and tune in just in time.

M M good.

Well, our very clever M made her way through my spider-webby memories and cracked the code for Lori’s Childhood Trivia, Round 2. Here were the clues (which I had just modified because even my sisters — who shared a childhood with me — even they were stumped):

Clue #1: Michigan* (or San Francico or Tampa)
Clue #2: Weekend evening

Now, before I give the winning answer, here are the other clues I had lined up:

Clue #3: Skates or curlers
Clue #4: Tartan

To kill time while your back-brain works on this, I’ll tell you that there is an unexpected art to putting together these clues. You want to set people on the right track but not be too obvious too quickly. You want to play on both the sound and the meaning of the words. You want to pull together geographic, semantic, cultural, and sensory clues. The meting out needs to be evenly paced and ready for either a sprint or a marathon contest.

So. Try it. Please think of your own childhood memory and lead backwards a trail of bread crumbs to that memory. Let me know you’re doing it and I’ll announce your trivia contest here.

Ready for Round #2’s answer?

Bay City Rollers.

My sister and I had a love/hate relationship with this pre-boy-band boy band. Sure, they were cute and their songs were catchy. But even with our tween-age eyes we could see that they were so packaged.

We had our own name for them. It’s not very PC, though. At that stage in our development, everything was about butts. She was a butt, I was a butt, our little sister was a butt. Often our parents were butts (although we never dared say that to their faces).

So we called this very perky group the Butt City Buttocks, our pre-teen way of expressing both fascination and contempt for the Bay City Roller phenomenon.

For those of you who may have missed them the first time around, here are the Butt City Buttocks Bay City Rollers singing Saturday Night.

* According to Wikipedia: [Originally called the Saxons] the band, seeking a less English-sounding moniker, they chose a new name allegedly by throwing a dart at a map of the United States. The dart landed on the map in the state of Arkansas, but since “Arkansas Rollers” did not sound quite right, and might also lead to problems with pronunciation, they tried again and this time the dart landed near the community of Bay City, Michigan.

With sugar on top?


It’s Clue #2 for Round #2 of Lori’s Childhood Trivia.

I’ll give out a clue a day, here on this post, until someone guesses the answer.

This time around, we’re talking about a musical act. We know it’s not Casey Kasem (despite my misguided choice for an image on that last post), Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Bob Seger, Diana Ross and the Supremes, ABBA or Earth, Wind & Fire. The first clue and today’s clue are:

Clue #1: Michigan (or San Francisco or Tampa)
Clue #2: Weekend evening

Please post up to 3 guesses a day.

Go on. Hazard a guess. I’ll let you know if you’re right. And if you’re not, come back tomorrow for another clue.

Now, you’re tagged, too. Put up your own Childhood Trivia quiz and see who is on your wavelength.

If you want to check out the last round (won by Melissa) regarding a TV show, click on Lori’s Childhood Trivia, Round 1.